Puff Balls

Puff Balls

Monday, April 11, 2011

Water + Straightened Hair = Black Cotton Ball!

After the Saturday morning “Wash, Condition, Comb, Press, Grease” ritual, I was all set for the week. Hallelujah! I’d take my crispy ears and singed forehead and gaze at my beautiful hair in the mirror. I loved how my newly straightened hair shone, that grease did the trick! But wait, the weather report called for RAIN!??!! Oh no! Rain, water, humidity, precipitation…these were my archenemies and I’d do anything to avoid getting my hair the least bit wet. If my hair got wet, my Mother’s hours of work would shrivel right on up (sort of like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz- why can’t I get that comparison out of my head?).

Now that I have locs, shrinkage is not a big deal. However, as a little girl, I was devastated if I got my hair wet and was unable to show off my straight hair at school. I remember one particular weekend, I was getting ready for school pictures. I’d been bugging my Mom for a relaxer and she wouldn’t do it. Ugh. I was in the sixth grade (I think) and most of my other friends already had straight hair. Here I was with my puffy halo and I didn’t like it! I wanted straight hair. That wasn’t happening so the next best thing was to get my hair pressed, tie it up tightly with a scarf and pray for no rain the morning of Picture Day.

Well, it rained on Picture Day morning. Not the kind of rain with big drops. I’m talking misty, hazy precipitation that blows in your face and shoots up under your umbrella. By the time I arrived at school, my hair looked like a black cotton ball. This is my picture from that day. I was so upset but now, I wish I could whisper in my ear and say, "Girl, you are BEAUTIFUL inside and out! Rain or no rain, your hair is gorgeous! Be proud of ALL OF WHO YOU ARE!"

Do you have funny stories about your hair getting wet? Or, antics you used to prevent your hair from getting wet? Ha, back in the day I wasn’t ashamed to walk down the street with a plastic shopping bag on my head when I forgot to bring my umbrella!

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  1. Love this Tina---I remember the pressing, getting my ears burned, staying away from water--heck even taking a shower was questionable. With locs, I LOVE that I don't have to worry about anything now. Being here in India, it has been such a blessing to know that it actually doesn't matter what my hair decides to do this day--it's all good
    What freedom