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Puff Balls

Friday, October 21, 2011

Vaseline and mineral oil good for your hair? Hey, if it works for Corrine Bailey Rae...

How many of you have heard that mineral oil and Vaseline are horrible for your hair? Well, this blog post on CurlyNikki.com may change your mind (http://www.curlynikki.com/2011/10/closer-look-at-mineral-oil-natural-hair.html?utm_source=cn_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20111021).

Apparently, even Corrine Bailey Rae (can you say GORGEOUS hair!?) uses Vaseline on her tresses (http://www.curlynikki.com/2011/10/corrine-bailey-rae-i-wanted-to-start.html).

I AM NOT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD GO OUT AND SLATHER mineral oil and/or Vaseline on your strands. What I am saying is that a respectable site is exploring WHY these products have such a bad rap and inquiring if the rap is warranted. Hmmm, I feel a mini research project coming on.

Anyway, I welcome your thoughts. Have you ever tried mineral oil or Vaseline on your hair? What were the results?

P.S.: This makes me wonder if I mistakenly judged the last loctitian who put baby oil on my locs (before I started sporting my TWA that is).

Image of Corrine Bailey Rae: http://www.myhairdivine.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/corinne-bailey-rae.jpg

Image of Vaseline: http://www.thecheapgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/vaseline.jpg


  1. For 2 weeks, I used mineral oil to seal the moisture in my ends, and I am tempted to say it did a great job. I didn't use it long enough to be sure. :(

  2. Hey!

    I also read that Corrine Bailey Rae article when it was posted on Curly Nikki, and I immediately wanted to put Vaseline in my hair. I wasn't yet aware that it was apparently a thing that was a "no-no" because it wasn't good for your hair, I just thought it would be a great idea, having used it on my skin and loving the results.

    Anyways, the other day I put some in my hair before I went to the beach. I wet my hair down, moisturized and detangled it, and then I applied some Vaseline (probably a bit excessively), and I combed through my hair to make sure it was all coated. I have to say that when I came back from the beach I was VERY impressed. Usually I come back and my hair is very dry and feels a bit brittle from the salt and such, but my hair felt GREAT when I came back... so for the beach, I have found it to be a plus. I will be doing that before all swims (if it's not already in there).

    For everyday, I have also still been putting it in my hair. When I twist it up at night I put a bit in, and on my ends to seal it (after moisturizing). My hair has been feeling fabulous! Particularly a few days later once it's a little less greasy.

    While it has been feeling nice, I've been worrying a little bit about moisture getting in. It doesn't seem to come off with my shampoo right now, and I even tried an ACV rinse, and it still feels coated. But I will say that even so when I washed it it still felt amazing and looked great. I guess I will just be keeping my eye on it for now, and see what happens. Right now, it seems good for my hair though.

    I'm really sorry for the really long post!!! =).

  3. Hi Monique,

    Don't apologize! I absolutely LOVE to get long, insightful comments!! "Whew-hew" I said when I saw it! Please keep on commenting!

    I have yet to try Vaseline on my hair but I wanted to share the information because it directly opposed several articles and videos I've seen on the topic. I have used it on my skin (mostly my feet and legs). So happy to hear about how well the V worked in your hair on the beach (oh my goodness, I WISH I could be on the beach. We are in Boston and we just had our first ice / frost. Can you say, missing sandals already!)

    I think that moisture is the key issue. At some point I'm going to go on a hunt for articles, videos that talk about how / when moisture can penetrate oil. I don't think it does but I bet someone is working on it. I'll be sure to post the information if I find something interesting.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. It is wonderful to connect with you.



  4. Hi Samara,

    Thanks for sharing. I haven't used mineral oil in my hair either (well, except when a loctitian put it in my hair before I did the Big Chop). Let me know if things change; I'd love to hear about your story.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! Please, invite your friends into the conversation!