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Puff Balls

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dreadlock Maintenance Appointment

Well, I’m back from my lock maintenance appointment. I have mixed emotions. On one hand, the shop is spacious and has freshly painted green and orange walls (goes with the Trinidadian vibe echoed by the wonderful reggae gospel music). Plus, Aunti Mo, who styled my hair, was waiting for me when I arrived so I had NO WAIT! That’s right, NO WAIT! Seriously, that is a rarity in the hair salon industry! J Further, Aunti Mo is very kind, professional and she was super gentle when doing my hair (remember, I’m tender headed despite the fact that I have enough hair for 2.5 people. Seriously, I know I have super thick, kinky hair when Aunti Mo says my hair is nappy and starts "Whewing" when she's finished with my hair! Hilarious!).

On the other hand, my hair was styled with Ampro Gel and mineral oil. I inquired about why these items were used and the response was that they both break down and will therefore not build up in dreadlocks. I have read countless accounts about avoiding such products. I’m not a hair expert so please, what do you all think? Now you know, I have to do some research on mineral oil! Here is some guidance on dreadlock maintenance: http://www.mydreadlocks.com/dreadlock-maintenance.html, http://www.curlyhairsalon.com/dreadlock-maintenance.html.

Finally, I’m not that thrilled with the hairstyle. I asked Aunti Mo to braid my locks, put a bang in the front, a basket weave in the middle and to leave the back out. It is an okay style but I am now seeking cute and unique styles! Any suggestions?

P.S.: I wrote the above last night. Since then, I took out the style I got and now I’m just wearing my braided locks. I am going to scour YouTube to find cute styles. Here’s to experimentation!

P.S.S.: Today is my 40th birthday and I’m so excited. Got up, kissed my family and went out for a nice workout (jogged hills). Thank You Lord for blessing me with another year of life! J


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  2. Thanks Sherry Blossom! You are so thoughtful! :)