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Monday, May 14, 2012

Do organizations have the right to regulate employee hair styles?

Hello everyone,

Today I came across an interesting article by Erik Kambel "Black French Flight Attendant Forced to Hide Dreadlocks Under Wig" Click Here for the article.  According to Dominion of New York's article, the Black French flight attendant may not wear his dreadlocks while working, he must wear a wig.

Photo of Aboubakar Traore, flight attendant required to wear wig to cover his dreadlocks.  
Image found at dominionofnewyork.com.  

But, this rule only applies to men.  Women are allowed to wear dreadlocks because the company seems to recognize that hair can be connected to a woman's identity.  Hmm, what about men?

What do you all think:  do organizations have a right to regulate hair styles?  Should there be certain boundaries to such hair-regulating rules?  Please chime in!



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