Puff Balls

Puff Balls

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How I moisturized my twist out!

Hi everyone,

I am getting bolder in my older age. I decided to wet my twist out in the shower this morning because I wanted to see what would happen. Let me clarify, actually, I steamed my hair in the shower, wet my hands and then ran my wet hands through my hair. I did not drench my hair.

I then vigorously rubbed my hair in a circular fashion with the palms of my hands (I've seen people do this with boar bristle brushes and it led to perfectly shaped coils, I just wanted to see if it would make my coils pop out a bit...it did!). Once I got out of the shower, I applied a dab of Doris New York Olive Oil to my hair and followed that with coconut oil (I rubbed it between my hands to emulsify it) and grapefruit essential oil (just for smell, not as a sealant). I then fluffed it out and here is the result:

I absolutely love it! Plus, my hair feels soft. This is definitely a style I'll keep in my arsenal.

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