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Monday, March 19, 2012

Trayvon Martin

Hi everyone,

As you know, this is a blog about hair and identity, but today, I am so sad that I HAVE to write about the murder of Trayvon Martin. I've had a heavy heart about Trayvon Martin's murder since I heard about it. I think a large part of my sadness is that my white friends have not seemed to be FBing, Tweeting or discussing this. That deeply saddens me because I feel so alone. Such racism will not end until ALL of us speak out against it. This can't just come from Black people...this is about JUSTICE. I'm thinking that it very well could have been my son in a few years. In fact, when I showed my son Trayvon's picture, my son said, "Mommy, he looks like me". My parents live less than 60 minutes from Sanford and we walk around their gated community at all time's of the day/night taking full advantage of the community center and pool. Michael Skolnik really hits the ball out of the park with this article. I beg you white people, be up in arms about this. If you care about me, please care about Trayvon Martin. He IS me.

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