Puff Balls

Puff Balls

Friday, April 13, 2012

Luxurious self-treatment

Hello everyone,

I am really working on improving my self-care. Yesterday, I had a counselling session then I had a fabulous massage. Oh my goodness! I was floating on air. Later on in the day, I hit the gym and treated myself to sushi. Then, I treated myself (yes, I treated myself more than once, that's a BIG DEAL for me!) to some new running gear (I started jogging through Black Girls Run and I love it!) In other words, I had a day long date with MYSELF! I showered myself with attention, loving, healthy attention. The love fest continued today: I cleared my schedule: no meetings, research ALL DAY! Whew-hew. Plus, I went to work in my new running gear so that I'd be prepared for my evening run.

Once I got home tonight, I washed my hair, took a bubble bath and I'm now sitting with conditioner in my hair. I plan to sleep in it overnight. Do any of you do that? I can't wait to see what my hair will feel like in the morning.

Here's to treating ourselves! :)

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