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Puff Balls

Monday, April 23, 2012

Talking to myself about my hair

Hello everyone,

Now that I've recovered from my hilariously bad hair day, I thought I'd reflect a bit on the internal process I went through as I "talked" to myself.

First, I realize that I don't have the type of hair that will clump into curls.  I can use a million conditioners, tons of oil, super moisturizing shampoos and it won't matter.  My hair will still amass into a clump of cotton. That's it, no more no less.

Second, I don't particularly like cotton as hair.

Third, I'm working on WHY I don't like cotton as hair.  I know that I've been conditioned to think that silky hair is prettier than cottony hair.  I study identity so I know that issues of race, power and status influence my thinking.  I'm still thinking that way though.

Fourth, I'm dealing with the fact that I sometimes find my hair downright difficult.  When I'm combing it and it's snapping, popping and flying in all directions I feel a bit...cursed.  That's terrible to say but those are the ratlike thoughts scurrying about in my mind.

Fifth, I am incredibly proud of myself for publicly stripping myself down in this way and conversing about such an important topic.  I've had so many people confide that they struggle with hair and identity.  Let's keep the conversation going and work toward full self-acceptance.




  1. Thank you for shining light on the fact that "going natural" is a journey towards self-acceptance that is difficult (understatement). Being natural is not just a choice of hairstyle. I continually learn and re-learn to love what my hair looks like... even if I don't like it some days.

  2. Hi Anonymous, You are so welcome! It is such a journey and you're right, some days I just don't like my hair. I'm working on not letting a bad hair make me feel bad about myself in general. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. That means a lot to me!


  3. Hi There! I just searched your blog for the sisterlocks topic. I see deadlocks but not Sisterlocks. Sisterlocks are smaller locks and are trademarked. See www.sisterlocks.com for more information. I had them installed (no extensions-just my own hair) in July 2012. I can now say that I made the best decision for my natural hair. It is truly more corporate accepted in my opinion, but I do not want to offend the dreadlock wearers. Some people do well with dreadlocks; my face and curl pattern could support a larger lock look. I hope this information helps. So many people put all locks in one category. Believe it or not, the lock world has subcategories. Look into it.

    1. Oops. I meant that my face and curl pattern could not support a larger lock look.