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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Hair Care Tips

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Well, I’m taking the plunge today, literally and figuratively. My daughter and I are having some bonding time so I plan to take her to a local beach. This should be fun (though I wish crazy hair thoughts weren’t whirling about in my head). Here are a few tips to keep your tresses happy when at the beach:

· Wear a swim cap if possible.

· Hair can get sunburned. If in the sun for an extended time, cover your hair to protect it from the sun (use a hat or scarf). This is particularly true post-swim/ pre-rinse as you don’t want salt or chlorine to bake into your hair.

· Apply a small amount of conditioner to your hair before getting into the water.

· Rinse out the chlorine or salt water as soon as you can and style it in a way to facilitate your regular hair care regimen (e.g., plait or braid it for easy shampoo, conditioner, comb through later).

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