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Puff Balls

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First chunky twist-out and headband!

Hi there! Tomorrow I'll get back to my RV hair adventures. But today, I wanted to share a recent hair experience. I just washed my hair and, because I want to start a new exercise regimen (Black Girls Run! (http://www.blackgirlsrun.com/), I decided to see what my hair would look like if I just did a wash and go. Well, sort of a wash and go. I washed, deep conditioned (sat under a hooded dryer), and then applied Kinky Curly (KC) (Knot Today and Curling Custard). I really want to like KC but it just doesn't yield the greatest results for my short, kinky hair. I don't know, maybe I'm using too much of the product or maybe it will work better once my hair grows out a bit more.

Anyway, I wanted to "freeze" my hair in place because it was cute when dripping wet. Thus, I used a diffuser (I need to research this gadget!). So, several hours after washing my hair, I'm left with what looks like a 5 minute wash-and go. I was not happy. I know that I may get some flack for this but I am not enamored with my wash and go TWA. I like curl definition, more styling, something. Otherwise, I feel a bit like a female George Jefferson.

So, I decided to do a chunky twist-out (again, I used Doris New York Olive Oil hair cream...this has become my go-to product). Here are the results. I love it! It is soft, moist and beautiful. However, I need to figure out how to get the same results in the back of my head which resembles a wefted, kinky carpet. Plus, I need to rewash my hair because of the KC product residue. Ugh. Any suggestions?

P.S.: Oh my goodness, the chunky twist-out lasted for ONE DAY. I tied it up with a satin bonnet and this morning I was sporting a George Jefferson. This made my morning a bit hectic because I had no idea how I'd wear my hair to my 9:30 coffee. Should I wear a scarf (oh my goodness, NO! I looked a mess)? Quickly wash it? Please, I've learned that a wash tends not to be "quick" for me. So, I misted it to tighten up the fro. When I got back home I washed it, blew it out and twisted it with my usual products. Here's to learning about my hair! :)

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  1. I've seen a few reviews of the KC that says if you don't use the right amount residue will appear. It's so true nothing about washing natural hair is "quick".