Puff Balls

Puff Balls

Monday, January 9, 2012

First family encounter with longer afro

As our RV rumbled to a stop in front of my parent's beautifully landscaped yard, I wondered how my Mom would react to my several inch long twist-out (Dad cares but he's not likely to verbalize his thoughts). I double-checked my hair and makeup and then bounded out of the vehicle. Some of you may not know that my Mom and I are very close. I call her at least once a day and we have grown to be friends. You know, girlfriends who can tell each other the truth in love. So, I knew that if she thought my hair looked jacked up she was going to let me know it.

My beautiful Mother stepped outside and, with open arms, gave me a long overdue hug. "T, you look beauuuuutttiiiiifullllll!". What?! Is that it? It's that easy? My Mom looked at my neat twist out and fawned over me. It was blissful. (I just realized that I didn't take a single pic of my hair at my Mom's house...I am the family photographer. However, today's pic was from the RV trip and shows the twist-out). Even better? My Mom told me that my hair motivated her to think about going natural again. She's not there yet, but I'm so grateful that my natural journey is having a positive influence on the woman I love the most in the whole world. Yeahhhh Team Natural! :)

Mommy was a fan of the twist out

P.S.: In contrast, my Mom was NOT a fan of my chunky twist-out. I emailed her the below pic. Her response, "T, I prefer the other style. That style better framed your face." Spoken like a true friend. The thing is, I loved the style so I'm sure that I'll wear it again BUT I will always value the input of my loved ones. It's funny, I didn't realize that one benefit of my natural journey would be enhanced courage to firmly stand on my own two independent feet and not buckle when others don't like something I'm trying.

Mommy was not a fan of the CHUNKY twist out BUT I love it! :)

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